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       when we finally found our purpose...       



Chiropractor in Ebensburg
Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

Welcome to Skeletonex Chiropractic & Rehabilitation! We are so glad that you have found us, and we can't wait to share our story with you! My name is Bri Leichliter and my husband, Dr. Robert Leichliter, and I have developed Skeletonex to share our passion for alternative medicine with others who may be looking for a non-surgical, non-prescription solution to their healthcare needs.


As a Doctor of Chiropractic medicine, my husband's passion in life is helping people find pain relief and overall health and wellness through chiropractic medicine.  We offer chiropractic services in Ebensburg, PA and the surrounding areas. Our website is our way of supplementing the alternative chiropractic medicine profession to bring products and education to families all over the world that support overall health and wellness. 


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