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Diversified Technique:

Our primary chiropractic adjustment is a diversified technique.  A diversified technique consists of high-velocity, low-amplitude  (HVLA) adjustments.  These adjustments are safe on all parts of the body, including extremities such as hands and feet.   Diversified chiropractic adjustments restore range of motion and function, which helps our patients return to normal daily activity as soon as possible.

Instrument Assisted Technique:

For our patients who require a less invasive type of treatment, we offer instrument assisted adjustments.  Instrument assisted adjustments are safe for all ages, including infants, children, and the elderly.


Trigger Point Therapy:

One of our soft tissue therapy techniques is the use of trigger point therapy.  Trigger points are tight areas within the muscle that can cause referred pain to other areas. Trigger point therapy works by alleviating the source of pain through the use of isolated pressure and release methods.  

Instrument Assisted Therapy:

This form of soft tissue therapy can be used in conjunction with trigger point therapy by using an instrument to target the affected areas or as a stand alone therapy. Most common uses of instrument assisted therapy are to treat conditions such as sprains, plantar fasciitis, muscular strain, scar tissue adhesions, epicondylitis, adema and carpal tunnel.


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